ellimage photography / digital media

How Much ?

Forget Gold, Silver and Bronze.
That's just aspirational pressure to push your budget. 

You are looking for a photographer to capture the most important people, events and possessions in your life. The last thing you want is a 'package' designed by someone else that does not meet your individual needs and wishes.

Not everyone likes being put in a box...or on the third podium.


To keep it simple and help you meet your individual budget, all you need to know is that there are coverage rates and then itemised costs for everything else. 
This gives you the opportunity to possess high quality, unforgettable images and have full control over the final cost. 

Download our self-calculating pricing form; set the coverage hours and pick whatever options you like. 

Think of it as a grown-up PICK 'N' MIX

Go here to download >> Useful Stuff > Documents

It's important to understand that the hourly coverage rates you select are for the actual shoot-time but are INCLUSIVE of all post-production.
Re-touching, manipulation and hi-resolution, print-ready file preparation, secure backup and supply of the images on USB , Disk and  / or file transfer service (with full reproduction permissions) are all part of this rate.

Post-production usually takes 4 times the total shoot hours. For this hidden work we utilise awesome Adobe Photoshop CS software to crop, retouch, enhance, colour manage, artistically manipulate and format the 'raw' shots taken on the day. 

This is what ultimately distinguishes your images as individual, beautiful and special.

Any day excluding Saturday @ £145 (total for 90 min shoot)

Any day excluding Saturday @ £195 (total for nom. 2 hour shoot)

It's your bike / scooter / car / traction engine / whatever...so what you want, you get. 
Whether that's wide-angle 'in the landscape' shots, detailing close-ups, action, wacky 'fish-eye' or other specialist lenses...we can do it. Check out our 'Races' Gallery.
Belong to a club?
If you have a friend - or four - who would also like to have their 'pride & joy' immortalised; then maybe our 'Mates Rates' sessions are for you. 

Involving follow-on 1 hour shoots, you each get the same level of service (just fewer finished images) but avoid the higher outlay of a 'solo' photoshoot.

2 Mates - Any day excluding Saturday @ £99 pp (1 full hour session)
3 Mates - Any day excluding Saturday @ £89 pp (90 minute session)
4 Mates - Any day excluding Saturday @ £79  pp (2 hour session)

Fully inclusive of (many hours) post-production work, each deal guarantees some stunning & absolutely unique shots of your cherished - and we're guessing very shiny - vehicles.

Any day excluding Saturday @ £319 (total for nom. 3 shoot)

Proud of your home? Of course you are.

We can capture the natural ambience of your home in all its glory through a range of specialist lenses and techniques. Inside, outside, front, back, rooms, gardens, features...you name it. 

Fully inclusive of post-production to professional 'print-ready' stage, it's a unique offer for beautiful, 'magazine cover' shots of your home. A fantastic keepsake (or brilliantly superior sales particulars if you're thinking of selling) with the ability to be reproduced as a large format book, print or indeed any of the options given below.


Looking for a complete fulfillment service?  No problem...let's talk.
Here are just a few ideas to make the most of your images: 

Prints from simple 4" x 6" to A2. Professionally framed - they make great gifts - or print only

Signature Board with photo mount for all your guests to sign. Choice of coloured A1 art cards  

Printed Storybooks portrait, landscape or square...bespoke, unique, top quality memento 

Storybooks printed in Large Format if you've got a coffee-table large enough

Storybook eBook your album converted into an iBooks compatible file for iPad viewing 

Parent / Grandparent Gift Albums you know they deserve one 

Canvasses for drama. Tons of sizes from which to choose but be bold, go BIG.   

Photo-Stickers small in size but huge on fun 

Photo Thank you Cards bespoke and oh-so-cute. For that personal touch

Photo-MiniCards slim & uber cool. High quality card stock with printed text on the reverse

And how about...

MiniCard Display Frames - arrange (and rearrange) those MiniCards in 100's of combinations.
An eye-catching - and customisable - way to show-off shots of a wedding / cherished vehicle / products / pets or whatever you fancy.

420mm x 270mm. Can be hung portrait / landscape or stand mounted.
Holds 20 MiniCards. Available in Gloss Black or Gloss White.