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Weddings & Events

This document has been specifically created for Weddings & Events. 

A comprehensive set of T&Cs which answer many of the questions you will be asking yourselves.

It is designed to remove any doubts on what is covered.

There is also practical advice for anyone planning their 'big day' or other social event.

Section headings

General . Pricing . Booking . Payment . Cancellation . Postponement . Coverage . Formal Groups & Locations . Exclusivity . Reproduction . Image File Protection . Image Manipulation & Retouching . Copyright & Image Use . Fulfilment & Delivery . Weather & Delays . Force Majeure . Insurance . Personal Accident . Refund Policy . Privacy Policy . Governing Law

It can appear daunting on first reading as it covers many topics which you may not have considered.

Don’t be put off...you have so many things to organise, this should be one less to worry about.

After all, how can you book anything without a clear - or worse any - guide on which to base your decision ?

We think that ‘goes double’ for photography to last a lifetime.



Your Wedding - Your choice

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Excel was never so much fun