ellimage photography / digital media

Commercial Photography

Every business needs a little push at some time.
Established or new venture...there is always a business case to be made to promote your products or services.

Need some standout photography for your website? 
New site launch showcasing a fantastic product or service?


Maybe your site is looking a bit tired (it happens to us all eventually) and you are just looking to freshen things up without reinventing the wheel. Let's call it a 'make-over'

Web-optimised Images

Promote your Products & Services

You know it's a competitive world out there and you really want to grab people's attention. 
The difference between a 'bounce'* and a sale can be arresting imagery tempting visitors to explore further. Once inside your site, it's those killer images which make you look, well, 'the business'.  

Quality, timing and relevance are the watchwords. 
Whether it's product, premises or lifestyle images you are after, you can have your site looking slicker than a otter swimming in baby oil. 

Click to see our shots for
Poochiwoochi pet accessories  

So for distinctive, web-optimised photography have a word with me.

For otter oiling, you'll need Google.

Literature & Display

Print Collateral & POS

Looking for innovative, bespoke images for your marketing print collateral? 
Whatever you want to convey, ellimage can help. 

Sure, you could fill out the pages with generic 'stock' images but do they really show you are serious (and proud) about what you do ? 

Product, premises, services, staff, company livery - or something less tangible - they're all in the marketing mix.
Why not go for the 'full-house'?  
After all, you need all the advantages you can get.

MiniCard Displays

Display Frames

MiniCard Display Frames - arrange (and rearrange) MiniCards in 100's of combinations.

An eye-catching way to show-off your business. People, products, brand ID, premises...
they make a great impression on a reception desk or customer-facing wall.

When anything changes you simply remove the card and replace it to keep up to date.

420mm x 270mm. Holds 20 MiniCards.
Available in Gloss Black or Gloss White.

Business Cards

Be remembered for all the right reasons

When you hand a card to a customer, it really should say something about your values.

Yes, you could order a gazillion cards for 'peanuts' elsewhere but they won't leave your customer thinking you really value quality...or them. 

Each card could sport a different front selected from your bespoke images; products, people, branding, art or something a bit, well, wacky. 

These cards have a silky matt feel, are 3x thicker than standard cards and have a virtually untearable polymer coating. Square or radius cornered, they have a print quality which makes the most of your images for that lasting impression. 


Packaging / POS

"Where the eye leads, the hand will follow".
Attractive packaging and POS imagery can make all the difference. 
Packaging for BoboWoman fashion brand...as featured on Ideal Shopping TV and Dragons' Den

Stock Images

Ellimage welcomes enquiries from businesses or other organisations who wish to purchase the right to reproduce non-commissioned images on a commercial basis. 
This may include use in print and / or e-media;  such as promotional & informational literature, newspapers, magazines, books, cards, posters, gifts, calendars, websites and other electronic applications.

Various levels of usage rights - for example, exclusive / managed / royalty-free / single or multiple use - are available to meet your marketing requirements and budget.
Files are available in all common formats at resolutions to suit print or electronic media.

So why choose ellimage ?

Responsive, creative and dependable.
Big on attention to detail means time saved. Your time.
Genuine commitment to get your business spruced up double-quick makes for a happy client.
Happy clients are good. They tell their friends.

They say that  "The Devil is in the detail"  but you won't have to sell your soul to hire ellimage.
Cost-effective solutions which help grow your brand and make you money.