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Those Questions Answered

           OK, I know what size a piece of A4 paper is...but what about other 'A' sizes ?
           Easy, just see 'A' Series Paper Info

  • My venue insists that all 'hired groups' have Public Liability Insurance. Do you ?
    Yes, we have PLI arranged by a leading photography insurance broker.
    Full details of the cover will be supplied at the request of any contracted party.

  • How is 'HDR' photography different and where can I learn more ?
    Put simply, an HDR image requires multiple shots to be taken of
    the same scene at differing exposures...usually 3-7 exposure 'stops' difference.
    Dedicated software - such as
    HDRsoft Photomatix - then combines these shots 
    and outputs a single image which captures the massive range of shadows, midtones and highlights; something which is impossible to capture in a single shot.
    This image looks complete rubbish. Until the magic starts.

    Using a 'tone mapper', it can then be manipulated to lend a virtually infinite range  of 'ambience' to the scene. 
    These images can be printed at large scale in incredible, faithful detail.

    HDR photography has its converts and detractors in equal measure. 
    Yes, there are many bad examples created by some playing with all the 'sliders'.
    Without self-restraint and skill, the result becomes an over-exposed, over-saturated,
    pixelated er, mess. The outcome really does come down to artistry.
    Get it right and the result is just that. Art

  • Can I buy prints from your portfolio online ?
    This facility is not available on this site at the moment but will be added in the near future.
    Until then you can request anything such as prints, canvasses, acrylic panels, cards -business or otherwise - using our Get in Touch
  • Interested in the Nikon 2.8 / 10.5mm Fisheye lens ? 
    Why not read my review "No One-Trick Pony" at  

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